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For over twenty years Dr. Joel E. Holloway has been refining his Revitalizing System for aging skin.  Recently a new system has been released named DEFENAGE that works by a different method. The two systems are synergistic (the combined effect of the two programs is greater than the sum of the two used sperately).  Dr. Holloway believes they offer the best method of anti-aging treatment available in his experience.

An advantage to this Program when used as a whole is the rapid results. Frequently results can be noticed in one week.

The Revitalizing System has concentrations of several antioxidants to capture free oxygen radicals and neutralize them before the can cause inflammation.  If Inflammation occurs it results in cell damage and the changes seen in aging skin.  The formula also contains a chemical called DMAE, which stimulates the release of acetylcholine resulting in a tightening of the underlying muscles.  The antioxidants also lighten the color of the skin and help repair damage caused by sun exposure.

The DEFENAGE program consists of a mask-scrub step that is used once a week for gentle exfoliation and two other steps consisting of a cream and a serum.  The cream contains antioxidants and moisturizers and assists the uptake of the serum. The serum contains alpha and beta difensins, which stimulate stem cell production in the bulge of the hair root.  This action results in new keratinocytes being formed in the skin.  Therefore the old cells are replaced by newly formed cells.  

In this program the REVITALIZING system is used in the morning and the DEFENAGE program is used in the evening.  In the mornings the REVITALIZING Lotion is used one morning alternated with the REVITALIZING Cream the next morning.  A monthly REVITALIZING Mask is to be applied in our office once a month.

In the evenings the DEFENAGE 24/7 Barrier Balance Cream and the 8-in-1 Bioserum are used.  Once a week the 2 minute Reveal Masque is used followed by the 24/7 Barrier Balance Cream and then the 8-in-1 Bioserum.


    REVITALIZING Cream      $100

    REVITALIZING Lotion       $100

    OFFICE FACIAL Mask        $75


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